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Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer



Need help revising your lyrics? Want a second opinion on your chord progression or melody? 

We offer 30-60 min songwriting consultations to help make sure your song says exactly what you want it to.

Recording, Production, & Mixing

Need help recording a demo? Looking for a beat to write your next hit? We offer high-quality recording and mixing services at our home studio. We also offer custom, exclusive beats that'll inspire your best lyrics.


Looking to add some horns and background vocals to your track? Need some string parts for your next band rehearsal? We offer arranging services in a variety of instrumentations and styles from pop/rock to latin grooves.

Contact us at with more details about your project to get a precise quote. We are open to hearing your needs and finding a reasonable price for your project. Bundled pricing available


About JohnMark

JohnMark is a multi-disciplinary songwriter and producer based out of New Jersey and New York who aims to share his personal truth through music. His direct, candid lyrics speak on his experiences as a queer, first gen Filipino-American boy growing up from the suburbs of New Jersey to the city of New York. JohnMark’s music often lives in the space between R&B and Pop, ranging from songs that will make you dance, to songs for your next breakup. He is currently an assistant at Donut Shop Studios in Brooklyn, NY and his debut EP, The Way Home, is now available for streaming on all platforms.


Debut EP: The Way Home


Nov 17, 2023

The Way Home is JohnMark’s dedication to the time he spent living alone in a city for the first time at school in Boston. It’s a series of stories about the things he went through and thought about on the way home from class or rehearsal. There are big moments like having hopes and dreams for a future that feels far away, but also small moments like walking home alone instead of with the guy you thought was gonna come home with you. With this project JohnMark hopes to share what it’s like to explore the world around you for the first time and discover your own identity as a new young adult. It’s not always pretty, but there’s contentment in the fact that you’re growing. The Way Home was released on November 17th, 2023 and is available on all streaming platforms.


JohnMark Ofrasio     Phone: (848) 209-7131       Email:

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