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About Me

JohnMark started his music career as a choir boy, viola player, and theater kid in school, picking up music production and beatmaking in a digital music class. Fascinated by the ease of making songs in DAWs like Logic Pro X and Garageband, he continued to explore the realm of MIDI production and arranging. He began songwriting after a nudge from his private piano instructor, film composer Michael Bryan Stein, and began to combine his knack for electronic production with songwriting. 

In 2019, JohnMark attended Berklee College of Music where he took a deeper dive into songwriting and found a passion in lyric writing and toplining over beats he made in Logic. This combination of music production, arranging, and songwriting was the perfect storm that led JohnMark to finding his own style and format of creating music. His dream job was clear: a songwriter-producer who could take a song from concept to demo to final recording. He graduated in Spring 2023 with a Bachelor's of Music degree and a major in Professional Music with concentrations in Songwriting, Music Production, and Contemporary Writing and Production, as well as a minor in Conducting and Music Direction for Theater. Having moved back to his hometown in Jersey, JohnMark is now an assistant at Donut Shop Studios in Brooklyn, NY owned by Grammy-winning engineer, Maxime Morin.

JohnMark hopes to continue working with other artists to create impactful, meaningful music, while still releasing his own work on the side. His overarching mission is to tell stories that people have heard before in hopes of starting conversation about how we can all relate to each other regardless of our individual identities and struggles. He hopes to be good representation for the other queer asian youth out there and validate their experiences by making them visible in media.

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