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Debut EP: The Way Home


Nov 17, 2023

The Way Home is JohnMark’s dedication to the time he spent living alone in a city for the first time at school in Boston. It’s a series of stories about the things he went through and thought about on the way home from class or rehearsal. There are big moments like having hopes and dreams for a future that feels far away, but also small moments like walking home alone instead of with the guy you thought was gonna come home with you. With this project JohnMark hopes to share what it’s like to explore the world around you for the first time and discover your own identity as a new young adult. It’s not always pretty, but there’s contentment in the fact that you’re growing. The Way Home was released on November 17th, 2023 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Can We Speak in Flowers?


Mar 20, 2021

Can We Speak in Flowers? is a joint project between singer/actress Sophia Inez, and songwriter/producer JohnMark Ofrasio. It explores topics like toxic relationships, substance abuse, and mental health, presenting them through lush, flowery lyrics. Available to stream on all platforms.


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